Le Camp | Who we are
Le Camp è la storia di una passione. La passione per il glamour e per il made in Italy. Trasmessa attraverso l’oggetto più amato dalle donne: la borsa. Un mondo che veicola oggetti e personalità, un’estensione del femminile da portare con sé. E come tale lo trattiamo: offrendo qualità e bellezza.
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Passion for quality, Made-in-Italy and “state-of-the-art” manufacture, our country’s signature since forever. Passion for details, shaping up a concept by making it unique. Lecamp brands with its initial the joy of creating items, which must be lived, exhibited and carried around as an extension of one’s personality.


Passion drives the project. If the bag stands as the essential core of a woman’s life, Lecamp is its beating heart, moving at the rhythm of fashion, glamour and trends. 


The allure of an item reflecting one’s way of being, with gestures and attitudes. Lecamp allows women to dare, escaping in vintage nostalgia and resting on the bag’s evergreen archetypes.