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Le Camp è la storia di una passione. La passione per il glamour e per il made in Italy. Trasmessa attraverso l’oggetto più amato dalle donne: la borsa. Un mondo che veicola oggetti e personalità, un’estensione del femminile da portare con sé. E come tale lo trattiamo: offrendo qualità e bellezza.
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Our  company

In the early Nineties, Leonardo Campanale establishes a company whose mission was to manufacture bags and accessories for the Italian and international markets.
This experience allows him to understand how the production process works – from raw materials to finished products – and to refine the quality of how each piece is designed and manufactured.
Beside bags, the company also develops a thorough expertise in the manufacturing of scarves and pashminas, celebrating them in original and fanciful guises.
In 2008 the Lecamp brand is born with a very clear identity: original formal codes, strong material elaboration, experimental drive producing charming models with a young contemporary spirit.
A modern, joyful and refined aesthetics, all in one brand.
Each Lecamp item possesses the originality twist in its DNA.
The company motto is: strong fashion content at a very affordable price.
The company opens two commercial warehouses in the Padua and Bologna areas, providing the logistics for distributing its products in Italy, Europe and all around the world.
Bologna remains Lecamp creative and design hub: style office, showroom and estate join forces in order to create dynamic and edgy collections, distinguished by dramatic glamour and sharp personality.
Today, Lecamp embraces the world with clients in Italy, Europe, Asia and America. The Lecamp bags position themselves close to renowned brands, with their recognizable aesthetic code and a very competitive price. Leather and fabric are the two cornerstones shaping up its collections, with color shades and patterns counterbalancing the more subtle and classic lines. A vintage spirit runs through. To complement the fascinating and complex picture of feminine personality.