Le Camp | Handbags & Accessories
Le Camp è la storia di una passione. La passione per il glamour e per il made in Italy. Trasmessa attraverso l’oggetto più amato dalle donne: la borsa. Un mondo che veicola oggetti e personalità, un’estensione del femminile da portare con sé. E come tale lo trattiamo: offrendo qualità e bellezza.
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Fall Winter 2016-2017 Collection NOW!


Lecamp: a story of passion.

Passion for glamour and Made in Italy.
Conveyed through the item most coveted by women: the bag.
A world yielding objects and personality, a carry-on feminine extension.
Distinguished by high quality and beauty.



Primary models. Edgy symbols of charm, style and elegance of the feminine universe. Travelling cases, bucket bags, handbags, clutches and chains. In neutral colors ranging from black to butter and dark brown, with cool shades of flesh-pink, cerulean, vivid orange, lime yellow and cobalt blue. Lecamp delves into the archetypes of leather goods with formal digressions diverging from the usual. And offers its own interpretation of “classic” style.


Distressed leathers and treated materials with used effect. Bag becomes ‘aged’. Vintage. Worn-out chains and studs, state-of-the-art trinkets, treated surfaces. Lecamp brings back into the present all the force of the past, playing on the nostalgic suggestion of the matter: handbags reproducing the tarmac scraping, indigo shopping bag in leather with denim effect, or in rough-grained fabric finished with saddle handles.


Bag as a simulacrum of urban living. Symbol of modernity, which imports and exports trends, fashions, attitudes and lifestyles. With thriving and edgy matching: flowery jacquard and doubling with lace effect on contrasting leather, patterns “stolen” from prêt-à-porter, mixtures of pictorial elements and metallic trinkets. Lecamp expresses contemporary style for a globetrotting cosmopolitan client.